Baloch Martyrs Day: Free Balochistan Movement held references in Balochistan and abroad

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 01:45 am


BW News Report: The pro-freedom Baloch political party Free Balochistan Movement has held Baloch Martyrs Day events in several regions of Balochistan and many cities of the world on Monday to pay tributes to the fallen heroes of Balochistan’s freedom struggle.

According to details, activists of the Free Balochistan Movement conducted wall chalking in different cities of Balochistan including the capital city Quetta, Turbat, Pasni, Jiwani and other areas to pay homage to Baloch martyrs and demanded from Pakistani forces to withdraw from Balochistan.

The FBM activists also held memorial gathering and references in Karachi and Quetta on 13 November to praise the sacrifices of Baloch Martyrs and to assure their families that the mission of their loved ones will be carried on and fulfilled.

Apart from Balochistan, FBM activists also held Baloch Martyrs Day programs in Afghanistan, Germany, Sweden, Canada and Netherlands. The Baloch and other human rights activists strongly condemn Pakistani state atrocities against Baloch people and vowed to continue their peaceful and democratic struggle till the liberation of Balochistan.



In Afghanistan, the Baloch Unity Council of Afghanistan and Free Balochistan Movement organised a joint program to pay tributes to Baloch Martyrs. The speakers said that Pakistan was carrying out indiscriminate attacks against innocent Baloch people.

They also said that Pakistani forces have arrested and disappeared thousands of innocent Baloch including women, children and elderly.

In Netherland’s Hague city FBM activists organised a brief play in front of the International Court of Justice in which an activist wore an outfit painted with blood colour and held a placard that read “Shhhh be silence International Court is Sleeping.” The play attracted the attention of many passersby who stopped to take pictures and inquire about Balochistan.

In Sweden also, activists of Free Balochistan Movement organised a candlelight vigil and exhibit the pictures of Baloch martyrs killed by Pakistan during indiscriminate military attacks and as part of the ongoing kill and dump policy in Balochistan.

In Canada’s Vancouver city FBM activist Waja Aziz Baloch and other members of Baloch Community of British Columbia organised a memorial gathering to pay respects to the martyrs of Balochistan. Ayesha Baloch, Khoda Bakhsh Baloch and Aziz Baloch addressed the participants and spoke extensively about Pakistani state atrocities in Balochistan.

The speakers said that Pakistan was violating all international laws and UN conventions in Balochistan but still there was no action from either the UN or rest of the international community.

In Germany, the Free Balochistan Movement workers held a program in Dortmund city whereas the speakers included Rohail Marri son of late Balach Marri, Claudia Heidelberg, Christine an activist of Amnesty International, Sindhi nationalist Salim Sanai, Nobat Marri, Sameer Baloch, Beebgar Baloch, Fateh Baloch, Mahgonag Baloch and Azum Noor Baloch.

Rohail Marri said Pakistan was not only an enemy to Baloch nation, but it was an enemy for the whole world because Pakistan is bringing barbarity throughout the whole region and more so globally.

He said, “whether the international community recognises it or not a scandalous ethnic cleansing is going on in Balochistan and innocent people are losing their lives as we speak.”

Mr Azum Noor Baloch read out his poetry about Baloch martyrs whereas other speakers talked about Pakistani state brutalities in Balochistan and urged the international community to take notice of Pakistani crimes against the Baloch nation.

Nobat Marri an activist of Free Balochistan Movement said, “Baloch martyrs sacrificed their present for our future. They sacrificed their lives so that we and our coming generations can live in peace and dignity in our free homeland.”

He said that the best tribute to martyrs is to regain Balochistan’s independence because that is the “mission of our martyrs we must fulfil.”

He said that it was the responsibility of those Baloch who are living abroad to inform and educate the world about the true history of Balochistan. “The world must know that we are a nation with our own unique culture, language and traditions.

“We existed long before Pakistan and Iran came into being. We were an independent nation until the British carved out the fundamentalist Muslim Punjabi state from India and imposed it on us.”

Talking about the silence of International Community Nobat Marri said, “The UN and other International Human Rights Organisations’ silence has encouraged Pakistan to get away with murder, disappearances and rape of millions of Bengali people. Hence, today Pakistan is repeating the same crimes against humanity in Balochistan.”

The speakers also stressed on Baloch unity and said that Pakistan cannot break the will of the Baloch nation by killing innocent people.

“The only component our current struggle lacks is unity and disciplined struggle. The day Baloch nations achieved Unity and discipline among their ranks, that will be the day of victory for the Baloch nation,” Nobat Marri added.

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