Balochistan: Pakistan army offensives continue in Bolan from Past one week

Thursday, September 24th, 2015 10:10 pm


MACH: Pakistani army and PAF has started indiscriminate military operations in several regions of Bolan and Sibbi earlier last week.

According to details Jaladi, Saangaan, Sinjawal and other areas are under continue military attacks from past week and several dozens of Baloch residents from these areas have been arrested and disappeared.

On Thursday morning fresh contingents of military vehicles and several helicopter have reached the above mentioned areas and started a grand military operations.

The Pakistani forces have sealed the exit and entrance routes in many areas and taken hostage the entire populations.

There has been reports of bombardment, firing of long rang missiles and looting of houses but no casualties have been reported so far.

The Pakistani state forces have also set fire to standing crops which are only means of income to peasant families of that region.

Meanwhile a spokesperson of the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), Meerak Baloch in a statement from an unknown location, has warned Baloch people that Pakistan military has expanded the scoop of its operations in several area of Bolan and Sibbi.

He said that Pakistani forces have been firing heavy weapons and long range missiles on civilian populations in Jaladi, Saangaan and Sinjawal and several other areas from past five days.

“The operation has been intensified today [Thursday morning] a convoy of 40 military vehicles backed by gunship helicopters have started advancing toward Saangaan and Jaladi,” Mr Baloch said.

According BLA’s statement to media fighters of the Baloch Liberation army have attacked the Pakistani forces on several places killing at least four Pakistan soldiers and injuring several others.

Meerak Baloch said after clashes with Baloch fighters the Pakistan forces started firing long range missiles on civilian populations. “It is feared that innocent Baloch have been killed in these [missile] attacks,” he added.

He warned the Baloch peasants and nomads of the affected regions to stay alert and beware of Pakistan forces operations.

He said, “People in the area should be vigilant of any possible attacks from the coward Pakistani army to maximise any casualties.”

Separately on Wednesday the Pakistan army have distributed leaflets in Mashay area of Balochistan warning locals to vacate the region as the military plans to conduction operations against Baloch militants.

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