Balochistan: Two collaborators of Pakistani intelligence agencies killed in Turbat

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 01:41 am


QUETTA: Two men were shot dead in Turbat town of Balochistan on Monday evening, Balochistan local media reported.

A spokesperson of the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), meanwhile, called and informed various news agencies that Baloch fighters have targeted two collaborators of Pakistani intelligence agencies near Baloch hospital in Turbat last night.

“BLA accepts responsibility for the attack,” he said adding that we have made it clear repeatedly that China-Pakistan projects are aimed at expelling the Baloch from their motherland. Especially, the Gwadar CPEC project is tantamount to the collective destruction of the Baloch nation.

Hence, he said, anyone directly or indirectly involved in China-Pakistan nexus are on our target because we will not compromise on Baloch national survival. “Even if any Baloch becomes the partner in the Baloch genocidal projects, they will also not be pardoned.”

Jeeand Baloch said that as pro-freedom and responsible organisation the BLA never treated local authorities (the Police, and Levies) as the enemy because they considered them more Baloch and less Pakistani.  However, he said, nowadays the police and Levies in different areas of Balochistan especially in Turbat are trying to act ‘more loyal than the king’.

“We warn them to stop their anti-Baloch endeavours or they will be treated as the enemy,” he said adding that the struggle will continue until the independence of Balochistan.

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